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About us

We are a faith community that values relationships.

Our core values


  • We are committed followers of Jesus Christ.
  • We are in search of God’s vision for the church and for our lives.
  • We work toward loving all people.
  • We believe in God’s inclusive grace, a free gift from God that cannot be earned.
  • We strive to offer and participate in meaningful, relevant worship.
  • We seek to identify and serve the community’s needs.
  • We live out our faith by sharing the gospel through compassionate actions and words.
  • We share God’s love by creating a loving and nurturing community that welcomes people of diversity.
  • We seek to follow the Christian contemplative tradition by practicing a prayer-filled life and seeking to be present in God’s love.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

At Chapel of the Hills, most people dress casually.  A necktie, dress or elegant attire are fairly rare; however, all forms of attire are welcomed at our church.  We encourage everyone to wear what is comfortable and/or acceptable for a Sunday Worship Service.  The congregation is not concerned with a persons attire.  Come and enjoy being part of a loving community.

Is there parking available?

Parking at our church is primarily located behind the church in our large lot.  The main entrance to Chapel of the Hills is located on the upper level on Viejas Blvd.  There are a few parking spaces available on the upper level in front of the church.  If you have a disability or need assistance, please inquire, as we will ensure a spot on the upper level is available to you.  The Preschool parking is located on the large lower lot.